Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shotacon 3d Malajuven

Nemesis 4 real

Wer findet Assassinen nicht genial?

Schon als ich das erste Mal mit denen in der 2. Edition came in contact, I found pretty cool. The background and the Minis just grabbed me. Shortly after the appearance of "new" Minis anno 1995, I bought even a Eversor assassin and painted it, but without ever really use in a game (I was playing only Eldar).

Now that I have read the book "Nemesis" from the Horus Heresy series, I can not contain myself and must Püppi of the four parties, available on the main temple of the Officio have Assassinorum! As there were Eversor, Culexus, Callidus and Vindicare.
Two of the Models are now in my possession that were purchased and two others are on their way to me. I will paint the merry bunch as a better game models, and design, I will call on the newly purchased Baseskit. When Eversor surely a few will find their way onto the skull base, the Culexus maybe a few crystals and otherwise I'm still undecided - Does anyone have good ideas?
is currently already the Assassin Vindicare under my brush, I can still hope to finish this weekend.
find Maybe in one or the other debate the way to the battlefield and, if possible, there are already first rule changes by the new Grey Knights Codex?!

Jetzt wo ich über das Thema schreibe fällt mir ein, dass ich immerhin mal gegen eine Callidus Assassine gekämpft habe. Mitten in einer heißen Schlacht gegen ein paar Arbites tauchte diese unvermittelt hinter meinen Reihen auf! Allerdings gelang es ihr nicht mehr als 1-2 Servitoren auszuschalten, bevor sie selbst frittiert wurde. Ein One-Hit Wonder eben. Aber was für eine tolle Mini!


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